Lu Miao


Associate Professor

Prof. Miao is mainly engaged in the research of protein labeling and its functional application, the rapid detection and inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms. The research contents include site-specific labeling and imaging in living cells, drug screening, detection of active molecules and so on. At present, she has published 30 papers with a total of 622 citations and 588 other citations.16 patents have been applied.


2005.09-2009.06:B. S. in Chemistry, Jilin University,

2009.09-2014.06:Ph. D. in Polymer chemistry and physics, Jilin University

2014.07-2018.06:Assistant Professor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS,

2018.06- Present:Associate Professor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS.


(1)Shuangshuang Long, Qinglong Qiao, Fei Deng,Lu Miao*, Juyoung Yoon* and Zhaochao Xu* Self-assembling nanoprobes that display two-dimensional fluorescent signals for identification of surfactants and bacteria.Chem. Commun.,2019,55(7): 969-972.

(2)Shuangshuang Long#,Lu Miao#, Ruihua Li, Fei Deng, Qinglong Qiao, Xiaogang Liu, Aixin Yan, and Zhaochao Xu* Rapid Identification of Bacteria by Membrane-Responsive Aggregation of a Pyrene Derivative.ACS Sens.2019,4(2): 28-285.

(3)Meiling Wang, Dongfang Yue, Qinglong Qiao,Lu Miao*, Haidong Zhao*, and Zhaochao Xu* Aptamer based fluorescent probe for serum HER2-ECD detection: The clinical utility in breast cancer.Chin.Chem.Lett.,2018,29(5):703-706

(4)Shuang Leng#, Qinglong Qiao#,Lu Miao*,Wuguo Deng*, Jingnan Cui* and Zhaochao Xu* A wash-free SNAP-tag fluorogenic probe based on the additive effects of quencher release and environmental sensitivity.Chem. Commun.,2017,53(48): 6448-6451

(5)Shuang Leng, Qinglong Qiao, Yue Gao,Lu Miao*, Wuguo Deng* and Zhaochao Xu* SNAP-tag fluorogenic probes for wash free protein labeling.Chin. Chem. Lett.2017,28(10): 1911-1915

(6)Qinglong Qiao, Wenjuan Liu, Jie Chen, Wei Zhou, Wenting Yin,Lu Miao*, Jingnan Cui* and Zhaochao Xu* A naphthalimide-derived fluorogenic probe for SNAP-tag with a fast record labeling rate.Dyes and Pigments2017,147: 327-333.

(7)Lu Miao, Qiusheng Fan, Linlu Zhao, Qinglong Qiao, Xiyu Zhang, Chunxi Hou, Jiayun Xu, Quan Luo* and Junqiu Liu* The construction of functional protein nanotubes by small molecule-induced self-assembly of cricoid proteins.Chem. Commun.,2016,52(21): 4092-4095.

(8)Lu Miao, Jishu Han, Hao Zhang, Linlu Zhao, Chengye Si, Xiyu Zhang, Chunxi Hou, Quan Luo, Jiayun Xu, and Junqiu Liu* Quantum-Dot-Induced Self-Assembly of Cricoid Protein for Light Harvesting.ACS nano2014,8(4): 3743-3751.

(9)Lu Miao, Xiyu Zhang, Chengye Si, Yuzhou Gao, Linlu Zhao, Chunxi Hou, Oded Shoseyov, Quan Luo* and Junqiu Liu* Construction of a highly stable artificial glutathione peroxidase on a protein nanoring.Org. Biomol. Chem.,2014,12(2): 362-369.


(1)National Youth Fund Project, 21908216,21502189,2016/01-2018/12.

(2)Liaoning Province Nature Fund project, 2019-MS-322, 2019/10-2021/09.

(3)Dalian High-level Talent Support Program,2018RQ16,2019/01-2020/12.

(4)Dalian Institute of Chemical PhysicsInnovative research fund, exploration project,DICP I202006.

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