Spectral Analysis

FluoroMax-4 Compact Spectrofluorometer, the latest generation of the original, high performance tabletop fluorometer, which offers extended performance with detection of emission spectra out to 1700 nm and (TCSPC) Time Correlated Single Photon Counting lifetime measurements as short as 25ps. The FluoroMax series spectrofluorometers are ideal for measuring solid and liquid samples.







Manual Book:




Water Raman signal-to-noise ratio

16000:1 (6000:1 FSD)

Photon Counting for Ultimate Sensitivity


Scanning speed 

up to 80 nm/second


FluorEssence™ software for Windows®

Record mode

Method Files to recall complete experiment parameters


front measurement attachment

microscopic fluorescence accessories

polarization and anisotropic accessories

optical fiber remote measurement accessories

Time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) accessory for lifetime determinations

Phosphorimeter accessory for long-lived luminescence determinations

Operating conditions

20 ℃ to 25 ℃ ( ± 0.5 ℃)



Location: 112 room

Responsible: Jin Li

Training required: Training given by Jin Li.

Booking: Contact to Jin Li

Usages costs: 300 Yuan/h



UV-visible spectrophotometer. The ultraviolet absorption spectrum of molecules is the absorption spectrum produced by the electron energy level transition after some groups in molecules absorb the ultraviolet radiation. It is a band spectrum that reflects information about some of the groups in the molecule. Qualitative analysis can be carried out by standard optical atlas in combination with other methods. According to Lambert-Beer law: A = εbc, (A is absorbance, ε is molar absorbance coefficient, b is liquid pool thickness, c is solution concentration), the solution can be quantitatively analyzed.





Manual Book:

https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/usermanuals/public/G6860-90001.pdf (English)




high-performance Czerney-Turner monochromator

Light source

xenon pulse lamp, 3 billion times of flashing super long life

Wavelength range

190 ~ 1100nm

Luminosity range


Photometric accuracy

± 0.005a (with NIST930 filter at 1.0Abs)

Baseline smoothness


Maximum scanning rate

24,000nm /min


Location: 107A

Responsible: Weiwei Liu

Training required: Training given by Weiwei.

Booking: Contact to Jin Li

Usages costs: 300 Yuan/h




Fluorescence spectrometer, also known as fluorescence spectrophotometer, is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the instrument. Fluorescence emission/excitation spectra, phosphorescence spectra, chemical/bioluminescence, concentration determination, kinetics determination of measurable compounds. 





Manual Book:






Light source

long life flashing xenon lamp, flashing half peak width ≈2 microseconds, peak power equivalent to 75KW, life 20,000 hours

Excitation/ emission


Czemy-Tumer monochromator, F3.6 focal length 0.125m


(excitation filter: 250- 395nm; 335- 620 nm; 550- 1100 nm; 695- 1100 nm. Emission filter: 250- 395nm; 295- 1100 nm; 360- 1100 nm; 430- 1100 nm; 550- 1100 nm)


Excited state 30×35mm, 1200 line /mm, scintillation wavelength 370mm; Emission state 30×35mm, 1200 line /mm, scintillation wavelength is 440mm


high performance R928 photomultiplier detector, one for sample signal and one for reference signal. The voltage of photomultiplier tube can be divided into three levels according to the sample fluorescence intensity: low (400V, strong fluorescence), medium (600V, default value), high (800V, weak fluorescence), or manually input the self-selected value (400-1000v)

Wavelength range

excited state: 200-900nm, zero order optional; Emission state: 200-900nm zero level optional

Wavelength accuracy

±0.5nm (541.92nm) ±1.0nm (200-900nm)

Detection limit

< 1.0pm luciferin (standard pool); < 10pm fluorescent cable (40mul micropool); <25 pM QBS (standard pool)

Band width

excitation: 1.5, 2.5, 5,10,20 nm; Launch: 1.5, 2.5, 5,10,20 nm.Resolution: <1.5nm

Scanning rate

0.010-24000nm/min, increase by 0.15nm

Average sampling time

fluorescence 0.0125-999sec; Phosphorescent 1usec-10sec. Biological/chemiluminescence 40usec -10sec

Repeat scan

maximum repeat times 1000; Maximum cycle time 1000 minutes


Location: 107A

Responsible: Weiwei Liu

Training required: Training given by Weiwei.

Booking: Contact to Jin Li

Usages costs: 300 Yuan/h



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