Flow Cytometry

MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter can identify, classify, quantify and isolate all kinds of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, plant cells, microorganisms, etc. The system can separate up to four specific cells for high-throughput monoclonal separation or cell chip preparation at a single time. The cells after sorting can be directly used for culture, transplantation, nucleic acid extraction, single-cell PCR amplification or in situ hybridization, and further studies on cell genes, proteins and functional levels and differentiation between different cells can be conducted.








Cell acquisition speed

> 100,000 cells / second

Cell sorting speed

> 700000 cells / second

Cell sorting purity

> 99%

Cell recovery rate

100% Poisson distribution

Fluorescence detection sensitivity

FITC < 100 MESF, PE < 50 MESF

Drop Dive Frequency

Adjustable up to 200 kHz

Laser line

355 nm;405 nm; 488 nm; 561 nm; 640 nm

Nozzle type

< 0.2 µm

System pressure

4 - 100 PSI


Summit Software version 5.2 or above

Operating system

MicrosoftTMWindowsTM XP Professional


Location: 112 room

Responsible: Jie Chem & Qinglong Qiao

Training required: Training given by Qinglong or Jie.

Booking: http://samp.cas.cn/admin.jsp (CAS)

                Contact to Qinglong

Usages costs: 300 Yuan/h






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