E2695 liquid chromatography host, including: dual pump head Quad gradient system, automatic injector, online plunger cleaning system, online degassing system; AllianceA series solvent bottle tray; 2998 diode array detector; Empower3 single system chromatography software; integrated hand screw connector; color spectrum column, etc. It is mainly used for rapid analysis of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules in the fields of drug development and production, protein, food safety, environment, homeland security and petrochemical industry.





Manual Book



Number of solvents:

One to four

Solvent conditioning

Vacuum degas, two operating modes, four chambers, <500 µL internal volume per chamber

Flow rate range

0.01 to 10.000 mL/min (0.050 to 5.000 mL/min typical) in 0.001 mL/min increments

Compressibility compensation

Automatic and continuous

Dwell volume (total system)

≤1.145 mL

Plunger seal wash

Integral, active, programmable

Gradient profiles

11 gradient curves

Dry prime/wet prime

Automatic front panel control, System PREP function for automatic solvent(s) purge

Flow ramping

Time (0.01 to 30.00 min in 0.01 min increments) to reach maximum flow rate

Maximum operating pressure

5000 psi (345 bar [0.010 to 3.000 mL/min]) programmable upper and lower limits

Composition range

0.0% to 100.0%, in 0.1% increments

Composition accuracy

±0.5% absolute, independent of backpressure (proportioning valve pair test, [degassed methanol: methanol/propylparaben, 2.0 mL/min, 254 nm])

Composition precision

≤0.15% RSD or ≤0.02 min SD, whichever is greater, based on retention time (60:40 degassed methanol/water dial-a-mix, 1.00 mL/min, six replicates, phenone mix, 254 nm)

Flow precision

≤0.075% RSD or ≤0.02 min SD, six replicates, based on retention time or volumetric measures (0.200 to 5.000 mL/min), isocratic premix

Flow accuracy

±1% or 10 µL/min, whichever is greater, 0.200 to 5.000 mL/min, (degassed methanol at 600 psi backpressure)

Number of sample

vials 120 vials, configured in five carousels of 24 vials each

Number of sample injections

1 to 99 injections per sample vial

Sample delivery precision

Typically <0.5% RSD, 5 to 80 µL (using standard 250 µL syringe), 60:40 degassed methanol/water dial-a-mix, 1 mL/min, six replicates, phenone mix, 254 nm);Typically <0.3% RSD, 5 to 60 µL (using 100 µL optional syringe), 70:30 degassed methanol/water dial-a-mix, 1 mL/min, six replicates, caffeine, 273 nm

Injection accuracy

±1 µL (±2%) (50 µL, N=6), sample: 100% degassed water, analytical solvent: 100% degassed methanol

Standard sample vial

2 mL

Advanced operations

Priority samples, auto additions, auto standards

Injection volume range

0.1 to 100.0 µL, standard; 0.1 to 2000.0 µL, with optional sample loop

Injector linearity

>0.999 coefficient of deviation (1.000 to 100.000 µL)

Minimum sample required

10 µL, using low volume inserts

Sample temperature control

4 to 40 °C, programmable in 1 °C increments, 60 minute time to temperature ±2 °C accuracy ±1 °C stability

Column heater (optional)

20 to 65 °C, in 1 °C increments (5 °C above ambient)

Column heater/cooler (optional)

Ambient minus 15 or 4 °C (whichever is greatest) up to 65 °C, in 1 °C increments

Power requirements

950 VA (maximum)

Voltage range

100 to 240 VAC


50 to 60 Hz

Operating temperature range

4 to 40 °C


Location: 107 room

Responsible: Wenchao Jiang

Training required: Training given by Wenchao.

Booking: Contact to Qinglong

Usages costs: 300 Yuan/h



The Prep 150 LC System, featuring ChromScope™ Software, is ideally suited for initial workflow criteria requiring rapid preparative separations of complex mixtures. Its versatility allows for manual or automated control to enable purification ranging from just a few samples to greater throughput. The Prep 150 LC System can easily scale up to Waters® AutoPurification™ LC System, offering full automation and higher levels of specificity and purity.




Manual Book 



2545 Quaternary System

Rogrammable from 0 to 150 mL/min, in 0.01 increments

2489 UV/Visible (UV/Vis) Detector


Waters Fraction Collector III (WFC III)

Cintillation vial (17 mm) or Scintillation vial (28 mm)

Preparative column C18

C18 5 μm 10 ×150 mm; C18 5 μm 19 ×150 mm

Location: 107 room

Responsible: Kai An

Training required: Training given by Kai.

Booking: Contact to Qinglong

Usages costs: 300 Yuan/h



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